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Over 1,100 Town Employees Serving
Nassau County's Largest Township

President: Jarvis T Brown

150 Miller Place
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CSEA 881
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Jarvis T Brown President CSEA 881

Jarvis T. Brown

Greetings Members,
For as long as I can remember, I have always worked hard to help others from coordinating Toys for Tots for Long Island Jewish Health System to volunteering in my local fire department. So when presented with the opportunity to serve the membership in the Department of
Sanitation as a shop steward, I jumped at the opportunity. I enjoyed the challenging task of working with management to address and resolve member’s issues and concerns. Four years ago, I had the opportunity to serve the membership as an assistant to the former president, Robert Rauff, Jr. Under his leadership, I have improved my knowledge of every department in the Town of Oyster Bay and the day-to-day business of the union. In 2009, I was elected 2nd Vice President. I continued to work closely with the officers and shop stewards of Local 881 to enhance communication, re-energize the membership with the goal of fostering greater solidarity.
When I became 1st Vice President in 2011, I participated in several leadership training courses including, Contract Negotiations, Grievance Handling, CSEA’s President and Vice President training and Treasurer’s training. It was during this time that I also graduated from CSEA’s
Leadership Institute. I am extremely pleased and honored to serve as the President of CSEA Local 881 and look forward to working with the new Executive Board.
Our goal is to strengthen the membership through open and honest communication, on-going training and development, and building positive working relationships with management and the residents of the Town of Oyster Bay.
In Unity,
Jarvis T. Brown

Executive Vice President


Betsy Healey
Executive Vice President

Greetings Members,
After receiving my degree from SUNY Stony Brook, I worked for a few years as a Grant Writer for an Arts
Council; a job where I first started to learn about contracts and budgets, and one that I really enjoyed.
After successfully scoring number one on a competitive civil service exam, I became the certified Grants
Technician for the Town of Oyster Bay in the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, the Department
where I have spent my entire civil service career. In 2003 I started to work as a fiscal coordinator for the
Division of Employment and Training, where I expanded my knowledge of contracts and budgets, and
also the Town’s accounting system. In 2012, I was promoted to the Acting Director of the Division of
Community Development before becoming the Executive Vice President of CSEA Local 881. For five
years, I was the Department’s Equal Opportunity Officer, a position that required me to be trustworthy
with confidential information, and also a good listener. In 2010, I became the Treasurer of Local 881,
where I computerized the Treasurer accounting records, and was able to use my fiscal experience to
bring the role of Treasurer to a higher level. Concurrently, I was the chairperson of the Bette James
Scholarship Committee, a CSEA program that awards scholarships to high school/college/trade school
I was honored when President Jarvis T. Brown asked me to be on his slate as the Executive Vice
President. I then realized just how much all the skills and knowledge I gained throughout my career
would be the training ground for my new position, and enable me to be an effective and positive part of
any discussion. I am excited to be a part of the new team and look forward to representing the
Thank You,
Betsy Healey


Pat Davino 1st Vice President



Pat Davino
1st Vice President

Greetings Members,
Being active in the Union has had many rewards over the years; from helping a fellow member
with a work or personal problem, to having barbecues and info days, to getting out and meeting
all of the members. After 25 years of being employed at the Town of Oyster Bay, we are in the
most challenging times I have ever seen. The new Union board has made a commitment to face
these challenges, and to make the sometimes difficult decisions together as one. Hopefully, the
membership will give us a chance to earn their trust.
Thank you,
Pat Davino



Sal Cecere 3rd Vice President




Sal Cecere
2nd Vice President

I have been employed by the Town of Oyster Bay and a member of the Local 881 since 1988. I have
been employed by the Highway Department since I started. I have held various positions throughout my
career, from a Laborer in 1988 to a Highway Maintenance Supervisor, presently. I became an active
member of the union in 2003 as Shop Steward. Presently, I serve on the Executive Board as 2nd Vice
I feel very lucky to be able to act as a liaison between employees of the Highway Department and CSEA
Local 881. As a result, I have developed a rapport with the employees of my department at all levels.
Throughout my tenure, I have served on several committees and witnessed our committee membership
grow. The union coordinates several events throughout the year. As the Chair of the Social Committee,
I encourage you to attend union sponsored events and be a part of our success.
Thank you,
Sal Cecere



Brian Hirtzel 4th Vice President



Brian Hirtzel
3rd Vice President

Hello, my name is Brian Hirtzel; I have been employed by the Town of Oyster Bay for 22 years all of
which have been in the Recycling Department. Before becoming the 4th Vice President of Local 881, I
was Shop Steward for 11 years, helping employees with personal as well as on the job issues. In the past
I have been on numerous committees such as, the Grievance Committee, the Audit Committee, the
Grievance Screening Committee, and currently as 3rd Vice President I am the chairperson of the
Education and Training Committee. As 3rd VP, I will be working hand in hand with our new President
Jarvis Brown and the Executive Board. I look forward to meeting all of my brothers and sisters in Local
Thank You
Brian Hirtzel



 Monica Bunjowski Recording Secretary


Monica Bujnowski
Recording Secretary

In 2003, I started working for the Town of Oyster Bay in Human Resources handling workers compensation for the town employees.   The skills I developed by handling workers compensation include being organized, conscientious and understandable.  In 2011, Tim Brown asked me to get involved in the CSEA Local 881 Next Wave group, and by 2013 I started serving the membership as a Shop Steward.  Currently, I serve the CSEA Local 881 membership as the Recording Secretary, which has helped me develop a better scope of the membership and how can I serve the members better.  I have taken Labor classes in college, and have continued to take workshops & training classes through CSEA.  I serve on three committees for CSEA including Next Wave, Task Force and Education & Training.   Since July 2013, I already have seen so much positive movement for our Local and I believe the forward motion will continue!    


Kathy Law Treasurer


Kathy Law

My name is Kathy Law and I have worked for the Department of Public Safety since January
2009. I am posted at Town hall North in Oyster Bay at 54 Audrey Avenue. In 2010 I was
approached to become a Shop Steward for my department, and have served on the Audit and
Next Wave committees. My background has been in credit and collections and I was honored to
be asked by Jarvis “Tim” Brown to run with him as Treasurer for the new board. I look forward
to continuing to be fiscally responsible to all our Local 881 brothers and sisters.
Thank You,
Kathy Law







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